January 29, 2017

What is a Lightpreneur?

The term “lightpreneur” was first used during a workshop by Elmas Vincent to help overcome one of the students reservations about being an entrepreneur or considering herself “in business”. The reaction was immediate and totally unexpected. It helped people doing “light work” to understand and feel comfortable about what they were doing. The next time Elmas used the term was on a social networking site with an overwhelming response.

So, what is the definition of a LightpreneurTM?

light·pre·neur–noun- a person who organizes an enterprise focused on creating a positive impact in the world. Light refering to the spiritual aspect of letting your light shine as brightly as possible and in so doing illuminating the world to be a brighter, better place, and “preneur” refers to creating a business around that so you can keep shining that light and do it in even bigger ways.

verb- to act as an lightpreneurTM.

Lightpreneurs are not like other entrepreneurs!

Originally coined by Elmas Vincent of Diamond Life Creators in 2008 as a way to describe many of the new businesses he was coaching and consulting.  He realized very quickly that Lightpreneurs are not like other entrepreneurs!  To be successful, they need to be doing many of the same things.  Yet, many of the programs out there for entrepreneurs actually frustrate and discourage Lightpreneurs.  To help Lightpreneurs, a different approach was needed, an approach that honored the core of the Lightpreneur which is where the difference emanates from.  Being ever the Gemini he “married” his extensive training and background in business with the foundation from his own spiritual journey to create the program for Lightpreneurs.

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