February 26, 2017

Resources for your business

These links are to resources discussed in classes or coaching sessions.

If you a speaker with a newer computer, this adapter will allow you to connect to a projector with a VGA projector

HDMI to VGA adapter

The Olympus VN series is the digital recorder I recommend for recording presentations.  There are a wide variety of model numbers in this series but make sure it has “PC” at the end so you can offload it onto your computer.

Olympus VN721PC 2GB Digital Voice Recorder    *** This model only records in WMA.  If you have a Mac or prefer MP3, I suggest the one below.

This is similar to the model above but allows you to select between WMA and MP3 formats.  It is almost double the price but also double the recording capacity.

Olympus VN-722PC Digital Recorder


This is the green screen that I talk about for video recording.
Prism Backdrops by Ravelli 6×10′ (5.7×9′ after pre-shrinkage) Chromakey Green Muslin Photo Video Backdrop Background 100% Cotton


Disclosure:  Lightpreneurs is an affiliate for many of the products that may be listed on this page.  We do make cashflow when you purchase items that are on our affiliate links.  We only recommend products that either we have personal experience or have feedback from one of our clients / students.