February 9, 2017

Coach With Elmas

Elmas is bringing on 4 NEW clients!

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At Lightpreneurs, our mission is to help people be a conduit for making the world a better, brighter place.

Having a “light” business should not take a lifetime or be “work”. Elmas always says, “if you are not having fun, fire yourself”. You can have a business that is fun, fulfills your purpose and actually makes you a living.

It doesn’t matter if you have had a business for a while and want to take it to the next level, or just starting out with a passion or an idea.

The process takes you from defining what your true goals and passions are in creating a business, to creating a success plan for achieving them, then through action & accountability, and finally success adjustments refine your plan for final realization.

No matter where you are at in the country or the world, you can take part!

Elmas does the majority of his coaching via phone or web video. So, It doesn’t matter if you are in Phoenix, Charlotte, Sydney or anywhere else, if you have a phone that can call Arizona or a computer with a webcam and internet, you can take advantage of being coached by the “Lightpreneur’s Guru”.

Video Chat via phone



With just the first session, I am more excited about life than I have been in over a decade. Purpose and focus were lacking in my life and now I feel like I can truly make my mark.” Phoenix, AZ


I was successful and miserable. Then the success seemed harder and harder to come. With the action plan we laid out for my life, everything is an adventure and FUN! Success is coming again without even trying! Thanks for helping me live again. Scottsdale, AZ


You are so gifted in your Coaching! Your intuition as a coach was again RIGHT ON. There is not enough money in the world to pay you for what all you have done for me.” Houston, TX

Are YOU ready to succeed?

If so, join Elmas to create a plan and make it happen!



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 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~ $112 ~~~~~~~ $448 ~~~~~~~ $600 ~~~~~ 25%
 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~ $85.50 ~~~~~ $684 ~~~~~~ $1,200 ~~~~~ 43%
12 ~~~~~~~~~~~ $82.50 ~~~~~ $990 ~~~~~~ $1,800 ~~~~~ 45% 

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Now you can apply for Paypal credit and have 6 months to pay interest free if approved.  That way you get the package discount and can make payments.

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For just $244 more than the 4 pack, you get an additional 4 sessions!  WOW!