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The term “lightpreneur” was first used during a workshop by Elmas Vincent to help overcome one of the students reservations about being an entrepreneur or considering herself “in business”. The reaction was immediate and totally unexpected. It helped people doing “light work” to understand and feel comfortable about what they were doing. The next time Elmas used the term was on a social networking site with an overwhelming response.
If you have or would like to create a business that helps make the World a better, brighter place, YOU ARE a Lightpreneur.
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You don't have to be alone on your journey. Lightpreneurs is here to help you touch more people, impact them in bigger ways AND create personal abundance while doing it.

Coach with the founder of Lightpreneurs and Master Business Coach Elmas to catapult your business forward.

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Occassionally, we run group coaching to support your business. Check for availability.

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Elmas is running various business classes and recording them to add to the upcoming online program. Check for availability.

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